BB30 Standard History

15 Years of Innovation & Independent  Spirit

In 1993, Cannondale changed frame standards by externalizing crankset bearings to gain a stiffer pedaling system. In 2000 while the industry standard bottom bracket spindle diameter was still 24mm Cannondale introduced their System Integrated (Si) crankset designed in conjunction with an oversized bottom bracket shell and 30mm spindle, further reducing weight and increasing stiffness.

Cannondale currently uses BB30, complete with Si Hollowgram crankets and Si carbon cranksets, on their top line elite road racing bikes and mountain bikes. While both Cannondale and Specialized make bottom bracket/crank assemblies that work with BB30, other crank manufacturers have expressed interest.

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Information, engineering drawings and tech notes for BB30 can be found at BB30 Technology

BB30 is a free international standard that both frame and component companies can utilize to offer consumers more choice and better performance. The following manufacturers currently use this standard to improve performance.