Which manufacturers currently uses BB30 as a standard?

BB30 is a free international standard that both frame and component companies can utilize to offer consumers more choice and better performance. The following manufacturers currently use this standard to improve performance.

Where can I get more information about BB30?

Visit additonal pages thoughout this site.

As a frame or crank manufacturer, how can I use the BB30 standard?

Follow the engineering drawings on the tech page. You must accept our Terms Of Use in order to view the tech drawing.

How do I know what cranks will fit my BB30 equipped bike?

Look out for the “BB30” logo on all compatible cranks & bikes.

Who makes cranks to fit BB30 bottom brackets?

Cranks are currently available from Cannondale FSA, SRAM & Specialized. Please visit the LINKS page for a complete list of participating manufacturers.

Will BB30 cranks fit Cannondale bikes with SI bottom brackets?

Yes - BB30 and Cannondale SI BB are the same

Can BB30 be used for both Mountain Bike and Road bike designs?

Yes, as long as a spindle and crankset are designed to accommodate the BB30 shell.

How long has the BB30 standard been on the market?

The BB30 standard is the new name for the Cannondale SI BB, which Cannondale launched at the Tour De France in 2000.

What happens if I use BB30 in my bicycle design?

If you have used BB30 in your bicycle design and would like for us to provide a link to your site, please contact us at the following address:

Do I have to pay to use the BB30 standard?

No - it is free and open to anyone to use.

Why would I want to use a bigger BB spindle?

A bigger BB30 spindle can be made stiffer, stronger and lighter than the current 25mm that the universal 1.370x24tpi bottom bracket allows.

What are the benefits of BB30?

BB30 allows bottom bracket spindles up to 30mm diameter to be used.

What is BB30?

BB30 is a free bottom bracket bearing interface standard open to anyone to use.

What is a BB?

BB is the bicycle industry slang for bottom bracket - this is the part of the bicycle frame that the crank arms, spindle and bearings run through.